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We connect Music Teachers with Students and give the Parents an opportunity to finally be a part of the Teaching.

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Who is the Repeato for?

The smartphone app is suitable for Music Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents. Repeato is perfect addition to personal lessons and playfully enables the teaching to take a big step forward.

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become aware of how the students practice between the lessons. The Teaching finally moves in the right pace. Repeato means no more uprepared students in lessons.

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practise and play, play and practise. Individual practice with Repeato is fun. The interactive character of tasks motivates the students to play better.

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become a part of the teaching. They follow the teaching and watch their children improve.

How does Repeato
help with Teaching

Individual practice is an important part of Teaching to play musical instruments. Thanks to Repeato being interactive, students and teachers enjoy themselves. The teacher playfully sets homework, the student plays it at home, records it and sends it to the teacher. Quick feedback motivates the students to do better, and so they can learn new things instead of reviewing during the next lesson. And the parents? They simply know about everything that is played.

The teacher is aware of all his or her students and sets them homework easily.

The teacher attaches a recording with the homework, which the student uses as accompaniment when practising. For example, the left hand recording as the accompaniment to the right hand when playing the piano, or the piano accompanying someone playing the violin.

The metronome is a part of homework. The student either uses it to set the pace before he or she starts playing or uses the metronome while doing the whole exercise.

Every user has a complete overview of set and done homework either as a teacher, a student or a parent from a single point.

No more lame excuses. The parents see the status and assessment of the homework of their children.

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Repeato for Music Schools

  • Repeato opens a space for new teaching methods during normal as well as limited operation of a school
  • Modern technologies improve and simplify the communication between the school and the parents
  • Repeato helps to evaluate and grade the students
  • We set and administer the application for the whole school

How much does Repeato cost?

Students and Parents

Always free

Music Schools and Teachers

This school year free of charge

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