Connecting Music Teachers With Students

  • Mobile app supports an interactive collaboration between music teachers, students and parents. Repeato motivates students and empowers them to independent practice and mastering their instruments at home.
  • Experience the perfect teacher-student matchmaking with integrated Teacher Finder.
  • Music schools stay in tune with teaching progress.
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Verified in the Classroom

There's a common perception that every Czech has a knack for music, yet mastering one's dream instrument remains a tough journey. It requires a lot of effort from the first uncertain tones of a beginner to the usual routine of skilled musicians. Repeato, an original Czech app, makes learning music much easier. Barbara Kürstenová, a piano and harpsichord teacher in Prague, attests to its effectiveness, noting remarkable progress among students of various ages. Her students achieve impressive results, and her teaching is in high demand.

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Teachers have a set of features for easy management of students' assignments. They can focus their assessment on specific moments in the student's recordings. Students come to their next lesson well-prepared and can make the most of their time, without the need to revisit previous lessons.

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Students rehearse and record their music assignments at home until they are satisfied with their performance. Experience has shown that students perform significantly better when they have the opportunity to listen to their own playing.

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Parents have an essential role in the play. They enjoy a front-row view of their children's learning in Repeato, witnessing children's growth and identifying areas where they can offer support.

Teacher Finder

A great teacher marks the beginning of a successful journey. Integrated Teacher Finder offers teachers the opportunity to reach new students. The Finder helps students select the ideal teacher to match their skills and educational preferences.

Individual practice is an important part of Teaching to play musical instruments. Thanks to Repeato being interactive, students and teachers enjoy themselves. The teacher playfully sets homework, the student plays it at home, records it and sends it to the teacher. Quick feedback motivates the students to do better, and so they can learn new things instead of reviewing during the next in person lesson.

The teacher is aware of all his or her students and sets them homework easily.

The teacher attaches a recording with the homework, which the student uses as accompaniment when practising. For example, the left hand recording as the accompaniment to the right hand when playing the piano, or the piano accompanying someone playing the violin.

The metronome is a part of homework. The student either uses it to set the pace before he or she starts playing or uses the metronome while doing the whole exercise.

Every user has a complete overview of set and done homework either as a teacher, a student or a parent from a single point.

No more lame excuses. The parents see the status and assessment of all homeworks of their children.

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Repeato for Music Schools

  • Repeato opens a space for new teaching methods during normal as well as limited operation of a school
  • Modern technologies improve and simplify the communication between the school and the parents
  • Repeato helps to evaluate and grade the students
  • We set and administer the application for the whole school

How much does Repeato cost?

Students and Parents

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All app features free for students and parents

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Zdarma přístup do vyhledávače učitelů


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Free trial for all functions

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Publishing of a teacher's profile in the Teacher Finder at no cost

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Unlimited number of students

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You pay only as much as using Repeato in teaching

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Price starting at 40 CZK per student per month

Music Schools

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Group license negotiated according to the school's teaching conditions

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Easy user management of students and teachers

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We can help you with bulk registration of users

Download the app


How to start


Download the App
and Register

Install the free Repeato app for iOS or Android and create your Repeato account.


Connecting Students
to Teacher

Look for a teacher in the teacher finder and connect or suggest Repeato to your teacher.
Publish your profile, invite students, and start teaching with Repeato.


Receiving a Teaching Invitation

Once students accept your teaching invitation, you as a teacher can start giving them assignments in the app.

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