(In these Terms and Conditions of Repeato s.r.o., they are further referred to as "Terms")


Thank you for your interest in Repeato, a software application presenting an educational platform designated to teach playing musical instruments (in the Terms, it is further referred to as “Repeato”). Repeato enables you, through a communication device, for example a mobile phone, to connect to and communicate with its other Users, as well as using its functionalities, which allow effective Teaching to play musical instruments (in the Terms, it is further referred to as “Teaching”).

Repeato, including the Repeato application, is owned, operated and distributed by Us – Repeato Business Corporation s.r.o., IČO: 09209581, registered office Krámský 12, 251 69 Velké Popovice, Česká republika, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Prague, file number C 332607 (in the Terms, it is further referred to as “Repeato s.r.o.” or “We” or “Our”, and other similar words).

The Terms regulate the relationship between Us - Repeato s.r.o., the owner of Repeato, and You, the User of Repeato (in the Terms referred to as “User” or “You” or “Your”, and other similar words). You can become the User either as a Student learning to play a musical instrument (in the Terms referred to as “Student”), as an authorised representative of a Student (in the Terms referred to as “Parent”), as a Teacher (in the Terms referred to as “Teacher”) or in another role You obtain within Repeato. These roles then define what rights and obligations You have when using Repeato. Extending or altering the roles of one person is allowed in compliance with the Terms.

By accessing any part of Repeato, You agree to the Terms including Privacy Policy (in the Terms referred to as “Privacy Policy”) and other rules and conditions regulating the use of Repeato. If You are the User of Repeato in a music school or with another provider of teaching to play a musical instrument (in the Terms referred to as “School”), Your rights and obligations to Repeato are, in addition, regulated by the Agreement on the use of Repeato for Schools, which We will make with the specific School (in the Terms referred to as “Agreement with School”).

The Terms are effective from 1.3.2023. We  can modify the Terms at  Our own discretion at  any time.By  using Repeato at  any time after such a  modification, You agree to  this modification.The current wording of  the Terms including the Privacy Policy together with other documentation and information on  Repeato, We  publish on  Our website www.repeato.cz

We do our best for You to be always satisfied with Repeato, and for Repeato to be Your effective tool for Teaching. However, if You disagree with anything in the Terms or in their modifications, We require that You refrain from using Repeato.


You are only authorised to use Repeato through your account, which We will create for You for this purpose after We have accepted Your request, and which is associated with Your e-mail address You will give us in this context in  order to use Repeato (in the Terms further referred to as “Account”). The Account can also be created based on the request of Your Parent, Teacher or School. You are responsible for maintaining the account and its password security. We will regard all actions performed through Your Account as actions performed by You. We are not responsible for any damage or harm caused by failure to comply with this obligation.

If You are older than 15 years of age but not yet fully legally competent, which usually means that You are not yet 18, You may only assume the role of a Student. However, You may create the Account, use Repeato, and perform other actions and acts determined by Us on Your own.

If You are younger than 15 years of age, You may only assume the role of a Student. You may only create Your Account, use Repeato, and perform other actions and acts determined by Us based on the consent of Your Parent. The consent of Your Parent, in accordance with this paragraph, can also be mediated to Us by a third party, for example Your School or Your Teacher. Should We fail to receive the consent of Your Parent within 60 days of Your first login to Repeato, We will delete all data which We have obtained in this context.

We will cancel your account upon Your request.

If You are younger than 15, we will cancel Your account after we inform Your parents about Your request, using the e-mail address we received upon Your registration.

You can withdraw Your Account cancellation request by logging into Your account within 30 days from Your request.

If You wish to create a new Account, alter or extend an existing Account as for the role of Parent or Teacher, you have to be fully legally competent. That usually means that You are older than 18 years of age.

Regardless of the other conditions of our relationship, We reserve the right to cancel Your Account without compensation, should You fail to use Repeato in compliance with generally binding legal regulations, the Terms, good morals, or principles of decency, or if You do not log in to the Account for a period of at least 12 consecutive months. If We cancel Your Account in accordance with this paragraph, You are not eligible for any compensation for any damage You may have incurred as a result.


Whatever Your role in Repeato may be, by using Repeato, You agree to the following rules in particular:

You will use Repeato for legal purposes only and agree not to use it in any way that violates the rights of other Users.

You agree to use Repeato in compliance with generally binding legal regulations, the Terms, the Agreement with Your School, good morals, and principles of decency.

You are solely responsible for the content of Your communications in Repeato.

You will not use Repeato in any way that violates or threatens any intellectual property right or a property right of any person, among others it is prohibited to record in Repeato anything protected by copyright without the consent of an authorised person.

You acknowledge that in the cases indicated by Us, Your data is publicly accessible and can be viewed and accessed by any User.

You agree not to use Repeato for unauthorised or unsolicited advertising or unsolicited commercial communications.

You will not share the content of Repeato with anybody who has no right of use to this content.

You will not record, share, publish, distribute, nor in any other way engage in conduct that is illegal, threatening, offending, harassing, derogatory, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent, disturbing the privacy of other persons, unlawful, containing vulgar language, of violent or threatening nature directed against another person or a group of persons, or otherwise violate generally binding legal regulations, the Terms, good morals and principles of decency.

Nor will You take part in any conduct that harasses, humiliates, or intimidates a person or a group of persons based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, age, or disabilities.

You will not share software viruses, nor any other software or content designed or intended to disrupt, damage, or limit functioning of any software, hardware, or communication device or to damage or gain unauthorised access to any data or other information of a third party.

You will not impersonate any person or entity, including the representatives of Repeato s.r.o.

You will not use Your Account to compromise the security of another Account, nor will you try to gain unauthorised access to another Account.

You will not prevent anyone else from legitimate use of Repeato.


By using Repeato as a Teacher, You agree to the following rules in particular:

You agree to respect any enrolment in Teaching through Repeato. You will not reject enrolment or participation in Teaching of a Student for any discriminatory or other unlawful reasons.

You represent and warrant that You are qualified for Teaching as stated in Repeato, and that You will always act as a true professional and in accordance with all generally binding legal regulations, the Terms, good morals, and principles of decency.

Take note that as long as You teach, Your Students can choose to publish their reviews of the lessons. We cannot control the content of such reviews and are not responsible for any information or opinions Your Student may give in such reviews.

You may decide to delete the content of Your Teaching and will continue to own such content, but We will continue to have the right to use the content and provide it to Students who paid for or enrolled in Your Teaching.

You agree that in cases stipulated in the Terms or Agreement with Your School, You will acquire and provide Us with the Parental consent where the Student is under the age of 15 to create an account and use Repeato, and Parental consent with other actions and acts as required by Us.

You will comply with the Privacy Policy and the Students' right to privacy. You will not use the Students' personal or other data for purposes other than Teaching or Teaching administration.


By using Repeato as a Student, You agree to the following rules in particular:

When You agree to enrol in Teaching or with Your access to Teaching, You agree to all Terms including the Account cancellation rules.

You will follow the rules set by Your Teacher or School regarding the Teaching and will not do anything that would disturb the Teacher's or School's activities.

You can only access the Repeato content for Your information or Your personal use.


By using Repeato as a Parent, You agree to the following rules in particular:

By granting Your child consent to creating an Account and using Repeato or other actions and acts connected with Repeato, You agree to these terms and conditions as well as to the processing of Your personal data.

You can only approach the content of Repeato for Your information and personal use. You will not do anything that would, in connection with the Teaching, disturb the activities of the Teacher or the School.


The Terms supplement all contracts, agreements and similar documents (in the Terms referred to as the “Teaching Agreement”), which the Teacher or School as the first party makes with the Student or his or her Parent as the second party regarding the Teaching. The Student or his or her Parent and the Teacher or School are accountable to each other for following the Teaching Agreement.

The Teaching only takes place if the parties enter into the Teaching Agreement. Please, note that We have no control over whether a party follows the terms of the Teaching Agreement. We cannot control, among other things, (i) the provisions of the Teaching Agreement, the legality of the Teaching Agreement, or (iii) fulfilling the obligations of any party under the Teaching Agreement.

Therefore, We are not responsible for any breach of the Teaching Agreement nor for any steps you may take based on the breach. We are not a party to any Teaching Agreement nor any other relationship between You and any other User.

The Teaching is carried out at Your own risk. We do not supervise the Teaching, We do not participate in activities of any persons (whether the Student or the Teacher or the School) during the Teaching. As a result, We have no control over the identity or activities of those present during the Teaching. We ask that you exercise caution when attending the Teaching. You acknowledge that by participating in the Teaching (whether as a Student or a Teacher) You may be exposed to various risks and hazards. You are solely responsible for all risks associated with Your participation in the Teaching. In this sense You release Us from any rights or remedies of any kind associated with any dispute relating to the Teaching Agreement or any relationship with any other User.


There is no fee for creating the Account.

The cases in  which the use of  Repeato services is  paid, You will find upon activating the paid Repeato services or  on  Our website www.repeato.cz, including the amount and terms of payment (in the Terms referred to as “Fee”).

Please, note that We collect the Fee from You through third parties, who are persons on their own. We are not responsible for their performance.

We refund the paid Fee only if we comply with our statutory or contractual obligation by refunding the Fee.

We may change the Fee at any time, even without prior notice. However, we will try to inform you about a change of the Fee through the available means of communication reasonably in advance.


We assure You that We honour and respect the highest standards of Privacy Policy and handle Your personal data exclusively in accordance with generally binding legal regulations, especially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. At the same time, We pay particular attention to the compliance with the following principles:

  1. We collect Your personal data exclusively for specified and legitimate purposes and do not process them in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes;
  2. We process Your personal data exclusively to the extent that is adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  3. We only process accurate and up-to-date personal data;
  4. We store personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed;
  5. We process personal data exclusively in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including their protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Processing Your personal data can be both manual and automated. Automated processing is carried out in Our information systems or the information systems of Our processors. Your personal data are mainly processed by Our employees or by the employees of the processor, who need to access the personal data while discharging their work duties and who are bound by confidentiality regarding all information, facts, and data which they have learnt about while performing their work. In the case of a student under the age of 15, We will request the Parental consent to process his or her personal data.

If Your personal information is no longer up to date, We ask You to provide Us with the new personal data. Until such an update, We will use the personal data You have supplied last.

What personal data of Yours do we process?

Although We do our best to process Your personal data to the smallest extent possible, with respect to Our interest to provide You with the best possible services and Our obligations arising from generally binding legal regulations, We process the following of Your personal data:

  1. identification and contact data, such as Your name, surname, date of birth, residence, e-mail address, and in the case of an entrepreneur also his or her company name, registered office, and identification number;
  2. other identification electronic data, such as IP address, certificate and access data for personalized access to the Account, location data of the communication device You use, data transmitted from the internet browser etc.;
  3. other data of Yours required for using Repeato, such as the Fee payment and other similar data;
  4. records of mutual communications between Users during the Teaching taken by them through Repeato using various means of communication, especially records of You playing Your musical instrument and their evaluation;
  5. records of Our communications with You, especially e-mails, chat applications etc.

We obtain Your personal data from You, third parties, publicly available resources or Our own activities. If We acquire Your personal data from You, We inform You whether the provision of the personal data is a legal or contractual requirement, whether you have an obligation to provide the personal data and about the possible consequences of not providing the personal data.

In this regard, please note that providing Your personal data is a legal as well as contractual obligation and therefore You are obligated to provide Us with Your personal data in connection with the use of Repeato.

For what purposes do we process Your personal data?

We process Your personal data only to the extent necessary for the given purpose and for the time necessary to fulfil the given purpose. After fulfilling that purpose, We may process Your personal data for purposes different from those for which they have been collected. We inform You about those different purposes as well. We process Your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. using Repeato – We process Your personal data for the purposes of fulfilling our mutual rights and obligations with regard to providing and using Repeato. For this purpose, We process basically all Your personal data, for as long as You use Repeato;
  2. marketing – We process Your personal data for the purposes of offering products and services of third parties, provided You have given us consent to such processing. For this purpose, the extent of Your personal data usually includes only data that help Us address You in a better way and not present You with offers You would not be interested in. We process such personal data for the duration of using Repeato and the following 3 years thereafter or until You withdraw Your consent. If You are not a User, Your consent is valid for 3 years from granting it or until You withdraw it. You give Your consent to this processing exclusively voluntarily and You can revoke it at any time;
  3. Our legitimate interests – We process Your personal data for the purposes of (i) possible exercise of Our rights; this kind of personal data, We store for a period not exceeding the running of limitation periods, or for the duration of ongoing court, enforcement, and similar proceedings (ii) offering Our products and services; if You are a User, We may, to a limited extent, address You without Your consent regarding the offer of Our products and services, which relate to the products or services You already receive from Us, namely for the duration of using Repeato and an adequate period after You stop using Repeato; You can object to this processing at any time and such processing will be terminated by Us and (iii) research, internal evaluation, and reporting, which serve to achieving Our goals more effectively and adapting Our products and services. Although Your personal data can also serve as an entry for these activities, the results of these activities generally have an anonymized form, and therefore no further processing of Your data takes place in this context.

Whom do we provide with Your personal data?

We process Your personal data as administrators. That means that We determine the purposes for which We collect Your personal data and determine the means of processing. To fulfil Our legal obligations, We provide Your personal data to third parties who are also administrators of personal data. The following cases apply:

  1. providing personal data upon application of investigative, prosecuting, and adjudicating bodies, or bodies involved in administrative proceedings;
  2. fulfilment of legal obligations against public administration bodies regarding duty to disclose;
  3. providing personal data to other parties as a part of applying statutory rights and fulfilling statutory obligations.

In certain cases, We collaborate with third parties to be able to, in cooperation with them, offer You Our common products. When offering such products, We act, together with the third party, as so called joint administrators, which means that we determine the purposes and means of processing together with such third parties and share Your personal data with the relevant third party. Such sharing occurs in relation to the following categories of recipients of personal data:

  1. Teacher or School. We share the Student’s and Parent’s personal data with his or her Teacher or School for the purposes of the Student’s Teaching. By enrolment in the Teaching, the Student as well as the Parent give Us their consent to share his or her personal data in this way. The Teacher or School may only use the Student’s and Parent’s personal data to communicate in connection with the Teaching. They may not use the personal data for any other purpose, for example to send unsolicited commercial communications.

You acknowledge and agree that, in case of interconnection with other Users, which may occur during the Teaching of a particular student, Your personal data may also be visible to other Users within this Teaching.

We may also authorise a processor to process Your personal data. The processor of personal data is any person who processes personal data on the basis of a special law or Our mandate or authorisation. In these cases, We guarantee the same protection of Your data by a contract with the processor as is the case on Our part. This is how your personal data is transferred to the following categories of processors:

  1. persons who mediate the provision of Our products and services;
  2. payment service providers;
  3. providers of information and communication services;
  4. providers of postal or courier services;
  5. companies providing surveys of Your satisfaction;
  6. third parties providing Us with e-mail campaigns.

Your personal data are mainly processed on the territory of the Czech Republic or on the territories of other member states of the European Union.

What are Your rights?

At any time during the processing of Your personal data, You may exercise the following rights in particular:

  1. the right to access Your personal data and to obtain a copy of the personal data We process;
  2. the right to correct and supplement Your personal data if You discover that we are processing incorrect or inaccurate personal data of Yours;
  3. You can ask Us to delete Your personal data, and We will do so if the conditions set by law are met;
  4. upon Your request, We can limit the handling of Your personal data under certain conditions set by law;
  5. if We process Your personal data based on Your consent or for the purposes of fulfilling our relationship and at the same time the processing is automated, You have the right to transfer such personal data to another administrator.

You also have the right to object to the processing of Your personal data if Your personal data are processed for the purposes Our legitimate interests. If You raise such an objection, We will not process Your personal data until We produce compelling reasons for processing which override Your interests or rights and freedoms - or for the establishment, exercise and defence of legal claims. In the case of processing personal data to offer products and services, We will immediately terminate the processing of Your personal data for this purpose after You raise an objection.

Furthermore, We would like to inform You that We do not make any decisions based solely on automated processing (including profiling) which would have legal effects for You or would significantly affect You.

If You believe that there has been a violation of obligations set by legal regulations for the protection of personal data, You have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic or with another competent supervisory authority.


We reserve these rights in connection with Our relationship with You:

We may make changes to Repeato without prior notice to you.

We may at any time change the User's eligibility criteria for creating an Account or using Repeato.

We have the right to remove a Teacher from Teaching and cancel his or her Account at any time without notice, at Our sole discretion, if We find out that his or her Account is associated with behaviour We believe violates Our rules or guidelines.

We have the right to refuse, cancel, discontinue, remove or suspend any Teaching or comment at any time and for any reason.

Repeato and all parts thereof are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, including warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or warranty of non-infringement. Without limiting the foregoing, We make no warranty that Repeato (i) will meet Your requirements, (ii) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free; (iii) the results obtained by using Repeato will be effective, or (iv) the quality of any Teaching or information You obtained through Repeato will meet your expectations or be free of errors, inaccuracies or defects. Accordingly, we also assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery or failure to store any user communications or Repeato personalization settings.

Although We do Our best to avoid it, Repeato may contain technical or other errors or inaccuracies. Repeato content may be out of date, and We make no commitment to update it.

The use of Repeato takes place at Your own discretion and risk. You agree that You are solely responsible for any damage or loss of data resulting from Your use of Repeato.

The content available through Repeato or presented in the Teaching represents the views of the author of that content, who is not connected with Us. We do not authorise or are responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any content made by anyone other than a person expressly designated by Us.

The Teaching offered through Repeato is offered directly by the Teacher or School. Repeato is not responsible for the content of the Teaching.

You agree that temporary interruptions to the operation of Repeato may occur as part of normal events. You further agree that we have no control over third party networks you may access while using Repeato.

We shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect harm or injury of any kind, including but not limited to harm caused by loss of data, regardless of whether we have been advised of the possibility of such harm, arising as a result of using Repeato.


You agree that Repeato is considered an interactive service provided by Us located in the Czech Republic and does not therefore establish Our personal jurisdiction outside the Czech Republic. These Terms are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic, regardless of the conflict of laws rules of international law. You agree that any legal action or proceeding between Us and You for any purpose relating to these Terms or Your use of Repeato shall be conducted exclusively under the laws of the Czech Republic before a court of territorial and subject matter jurisdiction in the Czech Republic.

These Terms and other facts governing our relationship constitute the entire agreement between You and Us regarding Repeato. If any provision is held invalid, the invalidity of such a provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect. Our failure to insist on or enforce any provision of these Terms will not be deemed a waiver of any provision or right. The course of negotiations between Us or business practice does not change any provision of these Terms.

We are entitled to assign Our rights and obligations under these Terms at any time, and You consent to such assignment.

Most communications between Us and You will be sent and received electronically. You agree that all electronic communications between Us and You meet all legal requirements for the written form of such communications.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide Repeato to any person for any reason or to terminate Repeato in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.

Repeato is protected by generally binding legal regulations governing copyright and property rights. The copyright and property rights of Repeato are owned by Us, or by third parties who have granted Us a license for this purpose. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, record, publish, transmit or distribute Repeato or any part of it, including the text, graphics, and code, in any way.

You may not use any data collection or extraction tools to collect, harvest or copy any Repeato content or data on or in connection with it in a manner not authorized by Us in writing. You may not engage in activities intended to obtain User lists, portions of the database, or other lists or information from Repeato in any manner and in any amount not authorized by Us in writing.

The content that You submit for inclusion on Repeato, regardless of whether it is posted, is subject to these Terms. We do not guarantee any confidentiality of such content. You are solely responsible for Your own content and the consequences of posting or publishing it. You represent that You own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to the content, including the right to grant Us the right to use the content in a way that the proper use of Repeato requires.

You acknowledge that we may use Your intellectual property items that You provide Us with or that we obtain in connection with ensuring the proper operation of Repeato. In this context, You grant Us a non-exclusive, free, unlimited right to use such intellectual property objects, with the right to provide them to third parties. You also grant Us the right to use Your name in connection with the use of this Content.

We do not authorise or take any responsibility for any content You create on Repeato. We generally do not control, monitor or edit content. However, We have the right, at Our sole discretion, to remove any content that, in Our opinion, does not comply with generally binding legal regulations, the Terms, good morals and rules of decency, or is otherwise harmful, inappropriate or inaccurate. We are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing any such content. You hereby consent to such removal and waive any rights against Us arising from the removal of any Content, whether Yours or another User's.

You acknowledge and agree that the total quota of the volume of multimedia content (sound and photo) You use in Repeato is 500 MB of data. This volume is calculated as the sum of the size of all multimedia content included in the tasks you hand in as a Student. When You reach the set limit of 500 MB, Your multimedia content from the oldest tasks will gradually be deleted so that the total volume of the stored data may always be less than 500 MB. If You are also a Teacher, then the total quota also includes the multimedia content of the unfinished tasks before You send them off to Students.

We reserve the right to exercise any of Our rights, even if not expressly stated in the Terms.

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